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  • How much does it cost?
    1st work fee is $179.00 then after $99.00 per month. You can choose what day of the month you want the payment to come out if you like.
  • How long will it take?
    A credit file is like a fingerprint; they are all different. Unfortunately, we can not give you a set time but we have finished some clients in as little as 2 months while others have been taken more than 12 months
  • Do you guarantee that you can get all items removed?
    We guarantee that we will work our best to get you excellent results but there is no guarantee of what items will be removed.
  • Can I fix my own credit?
    Yes. you can fix your own credit if you don’t mind spending months if not years figuring out how to do it, Let us take care of this important aspect of your financial wellbeing so you can focus on other important things.
  • Do you do credit sweeps?
    No, we don’t, and unless its legitimate Identity theft a credit sweep is Illegal and someone or company that is caught giving false information to authorities could face serious consequences.
  • Can you remove Student Loans?
    6. Can you remove Student Loans? Yes, they can be removed but keep in mind that even if removed that does not remove the debt obligation.
  • Do you help manage student loan payments?
    Yes. we can help you lower payments and put you on the path to loan forgiveness or payoff. Please contact us about the student loan services one-time fee.
  • Do I have to send my own letters?
    No, your life is hard enough. We take care of sending all letters.
  • Do you sell tradelines?
    No never. We will help you establish credit builder accounts under your own name
  • What can I do during the process to help improve my credit?
    We will ask you to open credit builders accounts if needed Pay down open credit cards down to 10% of the available balance Do not apply for credit(even Cosigning is applying for credit) or refinance anything Send us the letters you will be getting from the bureaus/collection companies/creditors. Pay everything on time
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